Harriet Mills

Harriet Mills

Harriet Mills

CEO of Franchise Brand Wine & Design | Wine and Design

During a 2009 weekend beach trip with friends, we stumbled on a local sip and painting class. I call it my brush-stroke of luck! I was totally captivated and excited by the fun, interactive experience and sense of accomplishment we felt after painting together.

It was a creative, bonding experience and a change of pace from the typical girl’s night out. It hit me that this concept of group painting for fun is a largely untapped market opportunity. I didn’t create a masterpiece, but I eventually created a master plan that would make this business take off.

In 2010, I took a leap of faith (and passion) and left my corporate sales and marketing career to launch Wine and Design. As a mom with two young children, I was on a mission to build a fun, rewarding business that enabled me to do what I truly love AND make a good living at the same time. I also wanted to include fun and stimulating painting events for children as part of the brand’s DNA.

In 2011, we awarded our first Wine and Design franchise. Four years later we have been recognized as one of the best new franchises in the country with 60+ locally owned and operated studios in our tight, international family of “Wine and Designers” who are making a living doing fun and rewarding work they love.

Our past, present and future growth is based on building strong relationships in each local community we serve. That’s why we created our “Paint it Forward” community services program, where each studio donates to a local organization in a monthly “Pay it Forward” painting party. We also donate to live and silent auctions around the community.

We are poised to continue our strong growth both in the U.S. and internationally by partnering with passionate, energetic people and couples just like you.